Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finally Updated!

Ok, so here is my sometimes annual, sometimes bi-annual updating of our blog. I've been getting enough guilt about not showing more cute pictures of our wonderful, baby McKay that I'm doing the last 8 months at once. So start back in August and work your way forward to the present time. That way you can watch me lose weight in pictures. :) I'm still working on it but at least it's working even if it's more slowly than I'd wish.
As for other news, Cade has an amazing new job that we feel very blessed with. We are starting our landscaping adventure with the house. We've all been sick but are looking forward to Spring and fresh air.
Love to you all and come visit if you can,
Jill (& the Galloway gang)

Carter's Birthday

Carter's 7th Birthday weekend and we had all the Galloway's together for that, landscaping project, and General Conference. It was fun but this was the only happy shot of Carter bowling. The rest was spent throwing fits because he wasn't getting a strike to make the movie play on the screen. Is there such a thing as terrible 7's? :)
Talking on the phone to Grandma Littlefield who called to chat before the party and he wished she was here. Lego cupcakes we had made, I'm not that good. :)
He's known as "the baby whisperer!" He sings jibberish songs until the babies tire from trying to decipher his code and pass out. :) We love it!

Crazy sock day

Enough said!

March events

We got to celebrate Carter's and Grandma Littlefield's birthday's early when we went to see them in Rexburg while they watched Keaton for the week.
Photo opp - she sucks on her lower lip all the time so I put that in too.
All tired out from all the fun. It took me a week to get her used to not being held all the time. :)

Day O' Love!

This was the Valentine's haul for the family. We got to bring a big cookie cake and help with Carter's class party on Valentine's Day. I helped with Leah's too but didn't get any pictures of it. Oops.

Random winter moments

After Daddy gets done feeding her, but she's happy.
Cade loves to dress Carter up for church and you can tell he doesn't mind!
Carter changed into "comfy" clothes after school but still had to feed the chickens so this is what happened.
Leah reading the "little kids" a story and they all loved it.
Just dang cute...what else can be said?!

Christmas with my family!

We were lucky to have my parents, Tianne & family, and Jason & family come for Christmas, tons o' food, and skiing. We missed Polly's family but we'll catch them this summer. Here are some quick pic's of the fun. What you won't see pictured are the attempts by Tianne & I at Dance Revolution which have been sworn into secrecy from ever coming forward. It was fun but it wasn't pretty. :) hee hee