Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finally Updated!

Ok, so here is my sometimes annual, sometimes bi-annual updating of our blog. I've been getting enough guilt about not showing more cute pictures of our wonderful, baby McKay that I'm doing the last 8 months at once. So start back in August and work your way forward to the present time. That way you can watch me lose weight in pictures. :) I'm still working on it but at least it's working even if it's more slowly than I'd wish.
As for other news, Cade has an amazing new job that we feel very blessed with. We are starting our landscaping adventure with the house. We've all been sick but are looking forward to Spring and fresh air.
Love to you all and come visit if you can,
Jill (& the Galloway gang)


Q said...

Hooray, it is so fun to see your cute kids! We sure love and miss your family!

Alicia said...

LOVE the updates!!! Where is Cade working now?

Polly said...

I miss you people! Those pictures are adorable... can't wait to see you in July/Augustish.

Anne Tynan said...

How wild to see this, I grew up across the street gum you in Atascocita!
Hello to your family!
Anne (Hughes)